Kauai Pain Conference 2018 – Delivering Quality CME and Cutting Edge Information

The annual Kauai Pain Conference offers a unique forum for sharing advances and standards in pain management and treatment for colleagues in ALL disciplines of medicine, with exceptional content presented by national leaders in pain medicine, patient safety, community health, and the regulatory environment.

During March 2-3, over 130 clinicians, industry representatives, and administrators joined us at the Kaua’i Marriott for the 4th Annual Kaua’i Pain Conference. This marks a 30% increase in attendance over last year, continuing the rise of the Kaua’i Pain Conference to become the premiere winter pain meeting.

For two days, distinguished faculty conducted sessions on behavioral health, basic science, public policy, interventional procedures, and steps necessary to address the opioid epidemic. Attendees enjoyed an island reception that included a delicious luau pig and a beautiful Hawaiian sunset.

Our own clinicians participated in sessions at this year’s conference. Drs. Grigsby, Singa and Ramchandani led a point/counterpoint discussion on medical vs. interventional case management. The panelists were required to respond to cases that they were hearing about for the first time and advocate for one position or the other. The audience then debated the treatment strategies. It was a great learning opportunity filled with lively debate and the doctors had to really think on their feet.

Dr. Daniel Choi held a well-attended session on intrathecal drug delivery and neuromodulation. Local physicians and hospital administrators were able to get to know the new, local pain management physician and gain insight into his knowledge and expertise.

Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, making this our best Kaua’i Conference yet.
From left to right: Dr Eric Grigsby, Dr. Daniel Choi, Dr. Avinash Ramchandani and Dr. Ramesh Singa at the 2018 Kauai Pain Conference.