A Mission of Pain Management

Dr. Singa and wife Dr. Chargualaf-Singa

Dr. Singa, a pain management physician for Napa Pain Institute, recently returned from a week-long medical mission to the Philippines. He traveled to the city of Iloilo to provide anesthesia for surgery and aid with post-operative pain management. In addition, Dr. Singa demonstrated nerve block techniques to local anesthesia residents to help them better manage post-operative pain.

Dr. Singa began these trips in 2016 with the Marion Rose World Mission and its sister charity LIG Global Foundation. Marian Rose World strives to care for and respect human life in every way. Marian Rose hosts travelling medical clinics that serve thousands of patients and organizes needed surgeries. Dr. Singa’s wife, who is also an anesthesiologist and traveled with the group this year, provided anesthesia for the surgeries.

“The people of the Philippines need surgery and anesthesia and they won’t get either if we don’t go back. I hope to return every year,” said Singa.

Dr. Singa trained in general surgery at Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago completed his anesthesiology residency at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey and his pain medicine fellowship at Rush University Medical Center, where he was trained by world leaders in the latest techniques for almost all pain disorders.

The Doctor’s interest in pain management began during his anesthesia residency, where he witnessed pain patients flourish under his mentor’s specialized care. He continues to utilize best practice procedural interventions in his practice and also recognizes the importance of compassion, commitment, and composure to help his patients more completely and more rapidly achieve their pain management goals.

“My goal on these trips is to improve their quality of life,” said Dr. Singa.

Dr. Chargualaf-Singa and Dr. Singa assisting with a combined spinal-epidural anesthetic for a total abdominal hysterectomy at the Rep. Pedro Trono Memorial District Hospital in Iloilo, Philippines.