Neurovations Staff Spotlight-April Reynolds

April Reynolds

Napa Pain Institute


April joined the Napa Pain Institute almost four years ago as a medical assistant. She remains dedicated to each and every patient. Patients come to us with chronic pain, oftentimes this pain is disabling. April goes above and beyond for each and every patient to make them feel comfortable and at ease. A patient came in for a minor procedure and was feeling very anxious. April accompanied the patient and held their hand under the exam table throughout the entire procedure.

“The patients at Napa Pain Institute are always grateful, they hear my voice on the phone and remember that  I am here to help with any of their needs.”

We, in turn, are more than grateful that April is a part of the Neurovation family!

Fun fact, April’s favorite place to vacation is Jamaica. She loves the food and the fun, but most of all, she loves the people. We hope you get to go soon!