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The 3 C’s to Finding the Perfect Doctor

Imagine for a moment you are in a small room, with some unfamiliar instruments on the wall. You might be a little nervous and as soon as the doctor enters, your impressions begin to form. What goes through your mind when you see your doctor or health care provider for the first time? This simple [...]

Variants, Vaccine Efficacy, COVID long haulers… A review of what we know

Listen to the Physiatry Podcast     Dr. Ramchandani discusses the difference between a variant and a mutation, the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine on these variants, and COVID-19 as well as what COVID-19 long haulers experience.  Its sobering to know that 500,000 people have died from COVID-19.  Thats more than all the recent wars [...]

The Physiatry Podcast : One Fine Day – The story of a stroke survivor and his recovery

Sameer and Dr. Ramchandani have an intimate conversation on life, happiness, and his recovery from a devastating stroke at the age of 47.  He talks about his rehab, his journey, and his long term plans. Listen to the Physiatry Podcast Thank you for joining us.  Please email at for any questions or comments.  Or find us […]

The Physiatry Podcast-Pelvic Pain Part #2

Dr. Ramchandani discusses the types of pelvic pain, and sources of pelvic pain.  Typical treatments and therapies.  Also good news of the week! Listen to the Physiatry Podcast Listen to Part One on Pelvic Pain with Dr Chudy.

Dr. Carolyn Chudy and Pelvic Pain on the Physiatry Podcast

Dr. Ramchandani has a conversation with Dr. Chudy about Pelvic Pain.  She is a physiatrist located in New York and works with Pelvic Rehabilitation Medicine. To make an appointment to speak with Dr. Chudy, go to Listen to the Physiatry Podcast

COVID-19 Vaccine Update with Dr. Santhosh Nadipuram!

Listen to Dr. Ramchandani and the Physiatry Podcast. In this episode, Dr. Nadipuram goes into the variety of vaccines and the current treatment regimens.  We also talk about the long term prognosis for the USA and the world with COVID-19 and the possible next pandemic! Listen to the Physiatry Podcast

If I get tested, will it keep my family safe at Thanksgiving?

Dr. Eric Grigsby, MD, MBA There are many questions about COVID testing, but the big one this week is on everyone’s mind. “If I get tested, will it keep my family safe at Thanksgiving?” The answer is a little complicated. The best way to have a safe Thanksgiving is to start preparing now — almost [...]