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COVID-19 Vaccine Update with Dr. Santhosh Nadipuram!

Listen to Dr. Ramchandani and the Physiatry Podcast. In this episode, Dr. Nadipuram goes into the variety of vaccines and the current treatment regimens.  We also talk about the long term prognosis for the USA and the world with COVID-19 and the possible next pandemic! Listen to the Physiatry Podcast

Napa County Partnership Brings Testing to the Vineyard

Local Healthcare Entrepreneur, Winery, Napa Valley Vintners and Advocates Join Forces to Bring Testing to Farmworkers NAPA, Calif., August 11, 2020 ( – Community leader Lydia Mondavi, local physician and founder of Neurovations, Dr. Eric Grigsby, and the Napa Valley Vintners have collectively formed a partnership to bring COVID-19 testing to wineries, essential workers, farmworkers and hospitality workers throughout the Napa Valley. [...]

N3 Laboratories Offers Swab and Serology Testing for COVID-19

Learn More Which test should I take? N3 Laboratories offers two types of tests. The Covid-19 Swab test will tell you if you currently have COVID-19. The COVID-19 Serology test will tell you if you had Covid-19 in the past. This type of test detects antibodies that show whether you have already recovered from a [...]

The Physiatry Podcast Episode 13

Dr. Anish Shah and the Effects of COVID-19 on Pain, Anxiety, OCD, and Other Psychiatric Disorders. COVID-19 and how it has affected patient’s pain, anxiety, OCD and other psychiatric disorders, with Dr. Anish Shah.  Also, the medical myths behind research and how research of drugs happen. Listen to the Podcast

The Physiatry Podcast Episode 12

How to deal with social distancing during COVID-19? Great tips for staying at home! Today Dr. Ramchandani discusses social distancing 101.  How to spend your time at home wisely.  Keep busy, and a positive quote or two.  Stay at home!  Stay Safe! Also, the medical myth:  Can you get a cold by going outside? Stay [...]

Napa Pain Institute V1, Issue 3-COVID-19 and Opioids

Brief Updates on Topics for Pain Management The Corona virus epidemic has overwhelmed virtually every aspect of medical care. Napa Pain Institute has made dramatic changes in the way we manage our patients through e-visits. Several things about pain management deserve special consideration. Brief Updates on Topics for Pain Management Napa Pain Institute News-COVID-19 and [...]

The Physiatry Podcast Episode 10

What we need to do, and what we should learn… Dr. Ramchandani discusses Coronavirus.  This outbreak has changed society for now – we discuss how COVID-19 is similar to the Spanish Flu (and isn’t!).  We discuss the multiple lessons to be learned from Italy, Philadelphia and St. Louis, and how we can avoid a tragic [...]