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The Painless Health Podcast-Nutrition for Everyday Health!

Kim La Vere is here from to talk about how you can live your life with better nutrition and long-term health.  She has tips and suggestions from a global perspective on how to eat locally and sustainable food! Listen to the Painless Health Podcast

Variants, Vaccine Efficacy, COVID long haulers… A review of what we know

Listen to the Physiatry Podcast     Dr. Ramchandani discusses the difference between a variant and a mutation, the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine on these variants, and COVID-19 as well as what COVID-19 long haulers experience.  Its sobering to know that 500,000 people have died from COVID-19.  Thats more than all the recent wars [...]

The Physiatry Podcast-Pelvic Pain Part #2

Dr. Ramchandani discusses the types of pelvic pain, and sources of pelvic pain.  Typical treatments and therapies.  Also good news of the week! Listen to the Physiatry Podcast Listen to Part One on Pelvic Pain with Dr Chudy.