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The Physiatry Podcast : One Fine Day – The story of a stroke survivor and his recovery

Sameer and Dr. Ramchandani have an intimate conversation on life, happiness, and his recovery from a devastating stroke at the age of 47.  He talks about his rehab, his journey, and his long term plans. Listen to the Physiatry Podcast Thank you for joining us.  Please email at for any questions or comments.  Or find us […]

Stroke. Types, what to do, and call 9-1-1! Good news of the week!

Listen to the Physiatry Podcast with Dr. Ramchandani Dr. Ramchandani goes over the different types of stroke, and also discuses what to do with patients with a stroke.  Rehabilitation will be covered in another episode...  There is a new segment this week...  The good news of the week.